Where to start? The vicious cycle of starting your fitness

One of the most common responses I get to “You should give CrossFit a try” is: “I’m not in good enough shape to start”.

You aren’t fit enough, so you don’t start. You don’t start and get less fit… You still aren’t fit enough, so you don’t start…..

There are a multitude of hurdles that most have to overcome before walking through the door of a CrossFit gym, however your current level of physical fitness should not be one of them! Yes, I will agree, it IS intimidating. You see people posting all over social media, doing pull ups, walking on their hands, lifting weights that would normally require a fork lift to haul. They’re shirtless, wearing booty shorts, and more cut than Rambo. If you think those people ran through the door on their first day and deadlifted 500 pounds, you’re wrong. The majority of them started off exactly where you are. The beauty of the CrossFit is that our program is 100% scalable. At 5 Seasons, we have a very broad spectrum of athletic ability. We have athletes who compete in local and national competitions to athletes who are learning to jump rope. We have athletes in their teens and athletes in their 60’s! This is actually the demographic at most of the CrossFit gyms I’ve been to worldwide. What you see online, while true, is a very small percentage of the community.

If physical fitness is not an excuse, then what is it that is holding you back? For most people it is more of a mental challenge than physical. Most people cannot hold themselves accountable enough to achieve wild goals on their own. So don’t worry, your definitely not alone! The first step to starting a new and fitter you is walking through the door and trying your first class. Our coaches are trained and will assist you in scaling all of the movements you’ll test yourself with during any workout and will help you battle off mental demons. Breaking the mental barrier will propel you to new levels of health and fitness you never thought possible. You definitely will not regret it and I guarantee that you will be physically and mentally fitter the first time you walk out of that door. So break barriers, stop the cycle of excuses, and start your fitness, TODAY!

“Many great things can be done in a day, if you don’t always make that day tomorrow”

-Cliff Rudzki

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