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5 Seasons Crossfit

Nikki Rudzki – CrossFit Level 2 certificate holder, CrossFit Gymnastics

Growing up, I always loved being a part of a team sport! As an adult, CrossFit helped me personally re-find my love for fitness and has helped me be a positive, healthy example for my family! Most recent received my CrossFit Level 2 certification and enjoy continuing to learn the CrossFit methodologies both as an athlete and a trainer.  As a labor and delivery nurse by day, helping and caring for others comes rather natural to me, which is another reason I love being a trainer! My favorite aspect of 5 Seasons CrossFit is that athletes often become an extended family both inside and outside of the gym. I love the community, teamwork, and passion for fitness CrossFit helps bring into each of our athlete’s lives.

5 Seasons Crossfit

Cliff Rudzki – CrossFit Level 2, USAW Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit Gymnastics

I was involved in athletics since I was able to walk. I played ice hockey through high school, then picked up crew (rowing) while I attended Iowa State University. I would say I was a good athlete, but never realized my full potential until I found the sport of CrossFit. After college I found a full-time job as an engineer and continued my fitness endeavors at big box gyms. Needless to say, in my years without a strong fitness community and motivation, I stagnated. In 2013 I entered the world of CrossFit. What began as a hobby developed into a passion. The CrossFit community pushed me to excel past my wildest dreams, both in the gym and my personal life. There have been many obstacles in my life that I’ve been able to overcome in part due to CrossFit and our community. The first major obstacle was my first child’s battle with cancer. The second was my own battle with cancer. By the grace of God and support of our community, both my son and I are alive and thriving! I am a CrossFit level 2 certificate holder, and my goal is to help guide you through your fitness journey (physical & mental) and realize YOUR full potential!

5 Seasons Crossfit

Tim Nash – CrossFit Level 1 certificate holder

I believe that, in fitness, there is no end point. It is a journey with two directions – forward or backward.

I discovered CrossFit almost ten years ago and was hooked right away – CrossFit can mean different things to different people or different things to the same person depending on where they are on their fitness journey. I’ve been doing CrossFit long enough now to experience a transition from a younger person who is trying to get bigger, stronger and faster to someone approaching middle age and my goals have changed. Now the goal is to improve mobility, maintain strength and keep health so I can stay around long enough to watch my kids grow up and eventually have kids of their own.

As a CrossFit Level 1 Certificate holder and coach, I love helping people realize their potential and work towards their personal goals. As a full time Realtor with a family, I am very familiar with the personal struggle to balance your fitness journey and your life. I’m excited to be part of the 5 Seasons CrossFit Coaching staff to help you move forward on your path.

5 Seasons Crossfit

Jule Day – CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids certificate holder

Living a holistic wellness lifestyle has always been in my blood.  In 2018, I found CrossFit. The word CrossFit got me through the door, our community at 5 Seasons CrossFit is what got me to stay. I found a place, sport and community that challenges me both physically and mentally. I found a passion for something I’ve never felt so strongly for. What I love most about coaching is helping others discover their passion and capabilities they didn’t know they had in them, too. Whether you’re a teenager, college athlete, well into your years, or just getting started on your fitness journey, you have a place at 5 Seasons CrossFit. Fitness for life is what we strive for – to get and BE better both inside and outside the gym walls. CrossFit isn’t just a sport, it’s a passion. Our gym isn’t just a space, it’s a home. Our athletes aren’t just people, they’re family. Your fitness journey is one of a kind, and I’m excited to help you grow in it.

5 Seasons Crossfit

Nicole Kintzle – CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit kids certificate holder

Having been involved in athletics, I have always strived for a team like structure in many aspects of life. After unsuccessfully finding a passion in other gyms or classes, I found CrossFit. Since then my passion for the CrossFit community has grown significantly! The overall wellness focus in physical, mental, and nutritional health has put me on a constant path of learning and continues to make me the healthiest I’ve ever been, all with the support and encouragement of my amazing gym family! I have held my Level 1 Certification since April 2019 and CrossFit Kids Certification since July 2020. Coaching has allowed me to thrive in my passion for wanting others to be the best version of themselves. I would love to help spark your passion for a healthier lifestyle and create a unique fitness journey for you or your children!

5 Seasons Crossfit

Kyle Griffin – B.S. Exercise Science, Nutrition & Personal Training

Athletics and fitness have ruled my life and I absolutely love everything about them. I played every sport I could growing up and fell in love with movement. I was in a major accident at 9 years old and told I should never stop moving as the injuries to my spine would become worse if I didn’t take care of myself physically. I took this personally and began studying everything I could to learn about movement and pushed my body physically to the limits becoming a college soccer player. Earning my degree in Exercise Science and my certifications in Nutrition and Personal training, I’ve coached all types of athletes from bodybuilders to CrossFit and everything in between over the last 23 years.

I love the community and team environment that CrossFit breads and there is no better feeling for me than helping someone achieve things they didn’t think they could do. CrossFit gives me the opportunity to push myself and our members daily to become the best version of ourselves both in and out of the gym.

Tony Shumaker – CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Gymnastics

My first exposure to CrossFit was a clip of the Games in like 2014. I just remember thinking WOW that is really impressive. I’d been an athlete in high school but I never committed myself to a fitness program or athletic program before I started CrossFit in 2016. Yeah it took me a couple years to finally walk in. Everything just started to unfold from there. I took that first step in the box. Soon showing up 3, 4 and 5 times a week. Using my free time to learn why CrossFit works and how to use it to make my life better. 

Soon I found myself not only doing things I never thought possible but wanted to help others. That’s when I decided to pursue coaching. Coaching may be the newest step but it has been by far the most rewarding. I’m feel so privileged to be part of the 5 Season Coaching staff and community and can not wait to learn and grow with everyone.