Brian Globokar


BrianGlobokarI am a Senior Vice President and Wealth Management Officer at Hills Bank and Trust Company here in Cedar Rapids. I am married 21 years, with three kids (ages 19, 18, and 13)

Over the years, I have had various gym memberships. Some were small scale rec center memberships and others were “big box” gyms. All my workouts were on machines – I never used free weights before joining this gym. I also did some short distance running (5k or less) on the side. I never stuck with any of it for more than a year or so because I became bored with my routine.

I really was just looking at something I could stick with. There were three issues I seemed to be having that led to my quitting prior programs. There was no accountability, I got bored with the workouts and I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing. The only solution I could ever think of to solve those issues was to hire a personal trainer, but that was far beyond my budget.

I started at the gym in September of 2015, and have been going three times a week ever since. Other than when I am out of town for work or vacation, I never miss a class. I chose CrossFit because I knew some fellow Rotarians who were members and spoke highly of it. It sounded like it could solve my three issues. There was accountability because coaches and other members encouraged you to continue to come, the workouts were highly varied, and you received personal attention when learning how to master different skills. And this was all at a price vastly cheaper than hiring a personal trainer.

The two and a half years have flown by. Besides the personal fitness achievements, I have developed many friendships with other members of the gym. The speed and scope of my physical fitness successes were far beyond anything I ever thought I could do. Without any hesitation whatsoever, I can guarantee that I am in the best shape of my life. My 44 year old self could run circles around my 24 year old body!

I am very analytical by nature. The beauty of CrossFit is that your results and improvement are easy to track over time. Each year I can lift more weight than the previous year. And each year I learn to do new things. Last year, I could finally do pull-ups and push-ups. I climbed a rope for the first time in my life. I participated in two mud runs. I am currently developing my goals for 2018 and I am very excited for what this year will bring!